Preparation of 10 M Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution


A 10N sodium hydroxide stock solution is prepared which is used for many applications including including adjusting pH of various solutions.


  • Reagents
    • NaOH pallet
    • Deionized / Double distilled water
  • Equipment and disposables
    • Measuring cylinder
    • Conical flask / Beaker
    • Magnetic stirrer

Composition: 10 M NaOH solution

Objective: Preparation of 100 ml of 10 M NaOH solution in water


Step 1: To prepare 100 ml of 10 M NaOH solution, weigh out 40 g of NaOH (Mol. Wt. 40).

Precaution: Don’t add water in the NaOH pellet. Instead add NaOH pellet in the water (few pellet at a time)

Step 2: Dissolve NaOH pellet in 70 ml water by adding small amount of NaOH pellet at a time.
  • Take 70 ml deionized/double distilled water in a beaker.
  • Add few pellet (4 – 5 pellet each time) of NaOH in water and wait until they dissolve. Add few more pellet.

Precaution: The preparation of 10 N NaOH is a highly exothermic reaction, which can cause breakage of glass beaker. One can keep the beaker on ice and can add NaOH pellet.

Step 3: Adjust the volume to 100 ml with deionized / double distilled water.
  • Transfer solution to 100 measuring cylinder and adjust the volume to 100 with deionized/ double distilled water.

Note: There is no need to sterilize this solution by autoclaving. No microorganism will grow in concentrated NaOH solution.


Solution can be stored at room temperature for several months.


  • NaOH is a strong base and commonly used to adjust the pH of many solution.  
  • Plasmid isolation by alkaline lysis method
  • Preparation of EDTA solution
Follow the table to prepare NaOH solution of specific concentration and volume or use calculator
Conc. / Volume 50 ml 100 ml 250 ml 500 ml
1 M 2 g 4 g 10 g 20 g
2 M 4 g 8 g 20 g 40 g
5 M 10 g 20 g 50 g 100 g
10 M 20 g 40 g 100 g 200 g
g = gram
Conc. = Concentration

Mol. Wt. = Molecular weight